Round #1 applications close 30 August

Please read the submission guidelines below before applying.


This is not for Vendors and those applications will be rejected - if you want to secure a guaranteed speaking spot as a DHF25 Sponsor, contact our Partnerships team here.

The first application phase will close 30 August 2024.

1 x submission per person.

DHF25 curates panels and connects panellists - individual panel seats offered only.

DHF25 does not pay honorariums to speakers or sell individual speaking slots.

DHF25 does not cover accommodation or travel fees for speakers.

DHF25 reviews applications weekly and will get back to you with the outcome shortly.

DHF25 will provide you with a standardised presentation template.

If you need to cancel, be a good human and shout asap so we can fill the coveted spot.

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What To Expect:

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Selection tips & tricks:

  • Bear in mind, DHF25 will accept 10% of applications maximum.

  • Tackle topics that are going to push the whole health sector forward.

  • Make talk titles stand out in the crowd, short & sweet, push the boundaries.

  • Address a challenge, show the solution.

  • Be topical and controversial.

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